Second Parallax!! (2.5D Animation)

In this case, I chose three different  images as backgrounds in order to change scenes between outdoor to indoor. The challenge of this work was in the first scene. It was an overview of the whole the castle. Because I made many layers and add several items with animation in this scene, it was difficult  to adjust when the camera was tracking in very fast . 

First Parallax (2.5D Animation)

It is my first 2.5D Animation at Seneca. Parallax for me is new and interesting.  I like the way  that using photos we took and making them looks like 3D layout. The most important thing for Parallax I think is to control the speed of animation between different layers.  We consider all of things in a image are in different position and distance.  Adjusting the speed  is the best way to make the illusion looks closer to realistic world.