Game made in Unity

Mini Golf Game

It is the first completed simple game I created in Unity. I build all of elements in Maya and exported them as FBX format which could be used in Unity. The script was the big issue for me because I never did coding things for game even though I was working for a gaming company but my job was design and drawing. Making scripts was the biggest challenge when I was working on this project. Thanks for Google and YouTube. I found a lot of useful information about scripts for unity. When this game finished, I felt so powerful.  Because I am not just a game designer anymore, I am both design and programmer. 

Simple Game

It is the second game I made by Unity. This time I built two levels in Unity which could be switched when player clicked certain buttons (i.e. Start button or Replay button).


Final game(Group assignment)

In this case, we created a bunch of buildings, trees and elements to built a shopping street. The purpose of this game is to remind people to keeping a health life style. In the game, there are plenty of measure boxes around the street which contain different foods. Water and Coffee are considered as positive drinks. When players choose those two things, they will get 1 points for each choice . Coke, Beer and cigarette are considered as negative hobbies. When players choose  those three, their scores will be reduced for each choice. When Audience achieves 90 percent of the total points, they win the game.