TCAF advertising poster and brochure.

It is my first advertising poster and brochure design at Seneca. I love Comic so when I got this assignment I was thinking no more than one second and then I pick this event for my topic. I was struggling with the composing of the brochure because, it should be folded in the certain way. When my first printing came out, I found that I made mistakes. I was confusing the way of folding so that the date of events appeared on wrong pages. It didn’t follow the sequence of the reading spread. This experience gives me strong impression of brochure design because I paid double price for reprinting my work.

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Pulication Design for Beihong Xu

Beihong Xu is one of the most famous artists in China. He is good at drawing animal, especially for horse. Personally, I really like his drawing about horses because they are so vivid and realistic. I created this publication for him by using Chinese traditional elements. Personal stamp is the one of the most important symbols that be used in Chinese water painting by artists. I used his personal stamp pattern to associate to each page in order to build a national style atmosphere with the entire publication.


Please click the link below to see the completed publication.


Tradeshow Display for Microsft.

The challenge of designing trade show display for me is to choose the prefect images to making audience get the resonance in order to arouse their interest and impulse of purchase. I took plenty of photos in Toronto down, at campus and on the street. I took this nice photo in a small coffee shop. This cute young couple was sitting next to me. Honestly, I have to admit it is a amazing accidental coincidence because the purpose that I came to the coffee shop was just for garbing some food and taking a rest before I met those two nice people. 


Video “GlobalMix” (Group Work)

I got a lot of fun from this assignment. Each member of our team is from different country. Our idea is mixing the food and drinks that from different countries and sharing experiences together. We want to make the video looks like a living show about different cultures. We  went to Toronto Island to got a good view as background.  While we were taking the video, we were learning a lot of life skill as well. The only thing that was unexpected was we almost got rid out of our batteries because the time spent on island was longer then we planed.

Eros Coffee Logo and Branding Guideline design!!!

Eros Coffee has the long history and still keeps it popularity in the modern city. The idea of the logo is from neon lights so that vivid color is the point for the whole design in order to make it looks fashion, mystery and special.  I concerned that brand is accepted  by both older and young people especially for couples so that I was try to collecting more photos about lovely couples to present on the advertising and publication.


Please click the link below to see the whole Branding Guideline.

Eros_Branding _Guideline


Second Parallax!! (2.5D Animation)

In this case, I chose three different  images as backgrounds in order to change scenes between outdoor to indoor. The challenge of this work was in the first scene. It was an overview of the whole the castle. Because I made many layers and add several items with animation in this scene, it was difficult  to adjust when the camera was tracking in very fast .